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CLAAS Crop View

You can quickly and easily identify differences in vegetation in your fields and create application maps based on these using the 'Crop View' component.

365FarmNet component - CLAAS Crop View

You can quickly and easily identify differences in vegetation in your fields and create application maps based on these using the 'Crop View' component. The component is intuitive to use and delivers fast processing of satellite data. The application processes raw data from earth observation satellites (Sentinel-2 satellites of the European Space Agency) to deliver valuable information.

This means that farmers are greatly supported in their decisions regarding optimised measures for subplots. Thanks to their inclusion in 365FarmNet, you are shown satellite images that relate directly to your fields.

The "CLAAS Crop View" module offers:

  • Entry to precision farming through the simple and intuitive use of formatted current and historic satellite data.
  • Filtering of fields according to field number, name, operation, crop type and variety is possible.
  • Approximate real-time vegetation monitoring within the field boundaries enables you to identify differences in vegetation at a glance.
  • Simple search for optical satellite data available for the current location on display via calendar (available worldwide).
  • Creation of zone cards for fields. If the individual fields are covered by clouds on the date requested, then it is possible to select alternative dates for these as well. Thus optimum cover is guaranteed by the zone cards.
  • Application maps can be generated based on the zone cards, which can be exported in standard shapefile format.
  • A field comparison based on the average vegetation development is possible.
  • The regular updating of the satellite data makes it possible to follow the growth development of the field crops and therefore increases confidence in your decisions.
  • Automatic cloud recognition.


Data sharing

In order to be able to use this partner component, it is important that the following data categories are released. With the data release, I hereby agree that the individual data from the data categories listed are also transferred to the provider of the partner component, in order that they can make available the functionalities requested in the partner component.

  • Operating information
  • Field information
  • Information on the crops cultivated
  • Information on varieties

Test conditions

  • 10-day access free of charge
  • The test phase ends automatically, without further obligations
  • In test mode this component may have reduced functionality compared with paid mode.


  • The minimum price for the component is 18.75 EUR/month excl. VAT. This enables you to use the component for 50 ha.
  • Differential pricing depending on the ha-size of your operations, for example, for 100 ha the price is 31.25 EUR/month excl. VAT.
  • Invoicing occurs monthly with any additional components selected by you where applicable, the component being invoiced pro rata for the first month of use.

Price Calculator

Contract terms

  • Minimum term 1 month
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract is automatically renewed for a period of one month at a time
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract can be terminated at any time with effect from the end of the current accounting month
  • Termination is carried out online at the 356FarmNet Shop by discontinuing the component
  • Invoicing occurs together with other booked components in the first month of use, if applicable with pro rata invoicing for the component
  • Invoicing occurs based on the farm size at the end of the month being invoiced. Changes to the farm size affect the monthly price of the component.

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