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Spraying weather efficacy

Spraying weather efficacy for the optimum time to use your crop protection products.

Spraying weather efficacy

With the "Spraying Weather Efficacy" module you save money when treating your plants with pesticides. This module calculates the optimum time to use a substance based on its ingredients. In addition, all the past, present and future weather conditions at your individual location as well as the development stage of the crops being cultivated are taken into account. The result is an hourly forecast of the efficiency of a specific substance for the next 48 hours.

As a user, you can therefore plan your treatments with pesticides according to their maximum efficiency and thereby gain a better understanding of the behaviour of crop protection products.

The "Spraying Weather Efficacy" module offers:

  • The calculation of the optimum implementation time for each of your pesticides. This is determined for the next two days on an hourly basis.
  • Automatic analysis as to whether the planned plant protection procedures are still optimum for the anticipated point in time.
  • There is an automatic message on the dashboard, if it is necessary to change the plans for a specific pesticide due to altered weather conditions.


Test conditions

  • 10 days of free trial access
  • The test phase ends automatically with no subsequent obligations
  • Unrestricted functions during the test period


  • The minimum price for the module is 3.50 EUR/month plus VAT. This enables you to use the module for 50 ha.
  • Tiered pricing according to size of the farm in ha; for example, the price for 100 ha is 5.83 EUR/month plus VAT
  • The invoicing occurs monthly together with other booked modules, if applicable; in the first month of use with pro rata invoicing for the module

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Contract terms

  • Minimum term of one month
  • After expiry of the minimum term, the contract is automatically extended each month by one month respectively
  • After expiry of the minimum term, the contract can be cancelled at any time, taking effect at the end of the current accounting month
  • The cancellation is implemented by termination of the module online via the 356FarmNet Shop
  • The invoicing occurs together with other booked modules; in the first month of use with pro rata invoicing for the module, if applicable
  • The invoicing is based upon the existing size of the farm at the end of the accounting month. Changes to the farm size affect the monthly price of the module.

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