Frequently asked questions and answers.

FAQ Concept

What is 365FarmNet?

365FarmNet is an information and work platform on which different operating processes are linked together intelligently. 365FarmNet takes its perspective from the operations in action – and so saves you time in your work.

What does 365FarmNet mean?

"365" refers to its availability throughout the year, "FarmNet" to the networking of operations throughout the whole agricultural production process.

What is new about the 365FarmNet concept?

For the first time, all the areas of operation in the agricultural production chain are linked together, including machine manufacturers, plant protection and manure product producers, breeders, feed suppliers and equipment manufacturers for livestock farming.

How does 365FarmNet work?

A: 365FarmNet works like a modular system. With the basic component and further optional modules from our partners you can put together your operational management software according to choice and tailored to your specific needs. All the basic functionalities are included in the basic component: 

  • Transparent key data management on finances, chronology, ownership, etc.
  • Semi-automated recording of measures
  • Fulfilment of all duties of documentation at individual field level
  • Automated feed accounting at field level
  • Field-specific analyses and yield potential
  • Automated database reconciliation with current PSM lists, variety lists and fertilisers
  • Intelligent cultivation planning supports you in your planning and decision-making
  • Graphic field representation that allows both manual marking as well as data imports in shape format, either from machine terminals or from the agricultural application
  • ISOxml link for producer-independent data exchange
  • Linkable and exportable calendar
  • Mobile availability on tablets and smartphones

What advantages does 365FarmNet offer?

With 365FarmNet you enter your core and lot data once only. All the data to fulfil your daily operational tasks are collated in 365FarmNet. This information is consistently managed and available to you as a central database. You are always in charge of your data and enjoy the benefit of active assistance in your daily decision-making process. 365FarmNet simplifies your operations management, safeguards your data handling and makes your work processes more efficient. Thanks to the modular design of 365FarmNet you can modify the software to suit your needs.

FAQ Partner

Which partners are involved with 365FarmNet?

You will find an overview of our partners here.

Why are these good partners for 365FarmNet?

They are partners who share the conceptual ideas of 365FarmNet and are prepared to align their structure to new concepts. Another important criterion is their importance in the market, i.e. the added value   they bring for farmers and contractors.

Will there be other partners in the future?

Yes, there are a lot of interested parties. In principle, all the companies who are in the agricultural business are invited to join 365FarmNet.

FAQ Data security

Is 365FarmNet a web-based solution?

Yes, you can access 365FarmNet in the office an on all standard mobile devices.

Who has access to my data?

You govern the access rights to your data yourself. Only you decide who has access rights.

Which service provider is in charge of data hosting?

365FarmNet is currently in intensive discussions with well-known German companies. When selecting its service provider for its data solution, 365FarmNet remains true to the motto: "Remain in the country and keep yourself safe".

What safety measures are in place to safeguard the data?

Modern high-performance servers and certified service providers guarantee a high level of data security. 365FarmNet implements the best technical standards for data protection, which are even exceeded in part.

FAQ Costs

What one-off costs must I expect?

One-off costs, such as for setting up or processing are not incurred.

What costs are incurred for the basic component?

The 365FarmNet is permanently free of charge.

What partner applications are already available?

You can find out more about the current and planned partner components here.

Do I have to buy all the partner components?

No, you can use each partner application as a stand-alone tool. In addition, it is always possible to modify the components.

Do I have to conclude a contract?

In order to be able to work with 365FarmNet you must agree to our terms of use (TOU) and acknowledge the data protection information.

What notice period do I have to give?

There is no minimum term. Components that incur a fee can be terminated on a monthly basis.

FAQ Technology

What operating system do I need to run 365FarmNet?

365FarmNet runs on all standard browsers and is not dependent on the operating system.
Browser: Internet Explorer from Version 9, Firefox (most current stable version), Chrome (most current stable version), Safari from Version 6
Operating systems: Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+

What hardware does 365FarmNet need to run on?

365FarmNet can be run on a desktop, notebook, smartphone and tablet.

What hardware and software do I need?

Apart from internet access, no special hardware or software is necessary.

What technical and software knowledge do I need?

No special technical or software knowledge is required.

Do I need a particularly fast internet connection?

No. A good connection is recommended if you frequently use data-intensive applications with satellite pictures or high-resolution graphics, however.

Are my previous management solutions superfluous with 365FarmNet or can I integrate them with 365FarmNet?

Since 365FarmNet encompasses the whole of your operations, other management solutions will no longer be necessary in the future.

Can I import the data from my previous management software automatically into 365FarmNet?

Certain data can be imported via an ISO XML interface.